Eon Pyle



Born in Guyana, Eon is an avid lover of Soca music and grew up watching the masqueraders perform on the streets of Georgetown for Mashramani.

Since moving to London, he has played mas at Notting Hill with the ever popular Beeraahaar Mas band.

Thanks to Uncle David and Aunt Tina, he has learnt a lot within the carnival structure.

Over the following years he joined with the Mash Carnival Mas band and started his costume section.

Now known as the Flagz Mas band, they have their own status and are pretty successful in featuring their artistic presentation.

As the CEO for FlagzUK, he works alongside a group of young and highly energetic soca and carnival lovers in promoting the cultures of our music around the world.

The success of various Flagz events over the past 10 years is there to be seen, from the regular fetes, coach trips to various carnivals and soca events across the UK and Europe, to the popularity of Flagz Radio.

He has brought to the fore front the UK Soca Road March competition which has been very successful in promoting the home grown talent of our very own UK soca artists.

He has over 20 years of marketing and promotional experience and is a great asset to the board of CAMF, as one of their Trustee/Director.

Working with younger members of the soca and carnival community he is keen to get more involved in the future of Mas at Notting Hill and feel its time CAMF took the bold step forward and get more youngsters on board.