About Us

I’m Amber, and I’m currently a secondary school student passionate about showing others the relevance of philosophy in today’s world, in context of all cultures that exist. While sometimes regarded as a subject that neither leads anywhere nor holds great applicative merit (short-sightedly, I think!), philosophy is, to me, the greatest source of knowledge about our world, and the only way to answer questions that other fields, usually hailed as masters of producing knowledge, such as medicine and technology, are perhaps unable to breach.

Why ‘The Aesthete’? Aesthetics is half of one of three major branches of philosophy, value theory, the others consisting of epistemology (nature of knowledge) and metaphysics (nature of reality), even if it’s sometimes just tossed away as ‘beauty philosophy’. It lays the ground as a study in which the broad range of human opinion in all its majesty becomes clearer than ever. Also, aestheticism comes into play a lot amongst the arts! These are also near and dear to my heart and I always admire something that has strong relevance between different fields of study or manners of expression. My worldview has always consisted, in a part, of taking time ‘off’ to reflect on the weight of little things observed around you, their beauty, if you will. The website isn’t simply focused on aesthetics since there’s a good lot of philosophy to explore – but I desire that everybody keeps a little fragment of an aesthete in their minds.

Thank you so much to all my friends who have contributed to the magazine.

I hope you enjoy exploring The Aesthete!